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Start earning profit with your towing business

Posted by on Sep 30, 2016 in Outdoor Activities, Towing Business | Comments Off on Start earning profit with your towing business

Towing is a business that may make or break you. There isn’t a viable exit strategy from this business, as you already have costs (equipment, vehicles and so on). This is why it is smart to start the business with only one vehicle. You should be the driver of that vehicle. This might sound like stupid advice, but this removes the additional costs that come with workers and multiple towing vehicles.

Cutting the expenses in the fashion we mention is OK, but cutting them on other things is not smart, and it may lead to accidents, damaged cargo, and additional expenses. We can link you to a towing company expert in Brainerd who will explain everything you need to know about towing. But we decided to include some tips that will help you to avoid some more common mistakes other drivers make.

Safe driving is crucial in the towing business

Damage the cargo and you will lose money. The extent of damage will determine the amount of loss. This is why it is important to drive safely and avoid losses. You can do many small things to make the ride safer.

Big things like synchronization of the brakes are mandatory for the safety of the cargo as well as other people on the road. You probably know about the light timing, but some of you fail to remember brake sync. This isn’t mandatory, and you can tow vehicles without the need of this sync. Without the sync, the tires of your car will wear out faster. But once you synchronize the brakes, you will be able to brake with both vehicles. This makes the driving easier, and more importantly, safer.

14504017Don’t drive fast with additional vehicle attached to your truck. Some people might tell you that you can drive fast and that everything will be OK, but you only need one mistake to end up on the roof of your truck. Added weight and length will make the vehicle unstable at higher speeds. The load (trailer or another car) will sway at high speeds, and there have been cases where that caused traffic accidents. Slow down and be cautious of your surroundings.

Know your equipment

The right equipment for the right load is what creates a difference between amateurs and professional companies.

First of we should talk about hitches. You can choose either a weight-carrying or weight-distributing hitch. Which hitch you use depends on the type of load you transport. Those that transport cargo that has little weight should use weight-carrying hitch. Remember that it will support up to 2.500 pounds (combined weight of the load and the trailer).

ranchopa-los-verdesPeople that will transport heavy loads (other vehicles and such) should use weight-distributing hitches. They distribute the weight of the cargo, and you avoid, so called tongue weight. This term describes the situation where you have too much weight on the trailer. This creates a downward pressure that can damage both the trailer and the towing truck. Weight-distributing hitch keeps both the towing truck and the trailer parallel to the ground by distributing the excess weight to the vehicle.

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Fishing – More Than A Hobby

Posted by on Mar 3, 2016 in Fishing | Comments Off on Fishing – More Than A Hobby

Welcome to a blog that is dedicated to outdoors activity and fishing especially. My name is Pete King, but everyone knows me as Captain Pete King, which is a name of my blog as well. As this is introductory article I will write about fishing for beginners. Something about other outdoor activities can be found in my future blogs.

Now, when it comes to fishing, especially for beginners you will not need extremely expensive equipment for it, but you will need some basic things to start with. For beginning you will need some basic bait casting outfit, spin-casting set and spinning reel as well as a rod. You should look for intermediate equipment because you won’t need sports equipment if you are a beginner. Sports equipment costs money, and you might give up on fishing and waste a lot of money in process.

If you are a fan of camping, then you can combine it with fishing. Best time of the day to fish is early morning and late evening so you can fish during that time and rest by the campfire for the rest of the day. You can place several fishing rods and rest and wait until you hear a bell which is a sign that one of your fishing rods got something.

For beginners freshwater fishing is better option than fishing on open sea. You might buy artificial lures to catch fish, but live bait will yield better results. If you are wondering what kind of live bait is good, then there is only one word that will explain a lot and that is earthworm. Earthworms are the best bait for most of the freshwater fish. But if you can’t stand earthworms (I know few people that can’t stand them) then you can opt for some less wiggly live bait like crickets or grasshoppers. But if you want to catch big fish then earthworm is the basic bait for it, but for more success you should use frogs or salamanders.

Buying the biggest hook will not increase the chance of big catch. Small hook can catch small and big fish so as beginner always use smaller hooks. If you are using live bait, as you should, don’t rip the excess of it apart, but leave it to wiggle which will attract fish. If one place doesn’t yield any results then change your position, or change the bait.

Different settings will change the way you fish and bait you use. Beginners should start their fishing career in small still bodies of water. Fishing in still water is the easiest form of fishing. Streams or fast rivers are more complicated for fishing and only experienced fishers can catch something there.

At the end, remember that fishing is just a hobby and a way to relax. If you fail to catch anything, don’t get nervous, those days happen. Once you catch something, you will be satisfied and happy and you will return once again. For all nature lovers among you, fish stew above the camping fire is the best way to end an outdoor day of fishing and rest.

Guide videos will be posted once my friends from production companies Austin finish their editing process.

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Best Outdoor Activities In Austin

Posted by on Mar 3, 2016 in Austin, Fishing, Mount Climbing, Outdoor Activities, Paddleboarding | Comments Off on Best Outdoor Activities In Austin

Austin, Texas certainly offers a lot to see and do, and it can meet the criteria of all sorts of people – those who want to enjoy a quiet family vacation, who want to explore the city and those who want to enjoy the nature. In this article, we give you some of the best outdoor activities you can do in Austin, which will make all the nature, fishing and sport lovers want to visit this place.

View at Mount Bonnell – climbing Mount Bonell, also known as Covert Park, is a must-do activity for all those who enjoy taking aerial or nature photos, or simply enjoy the romantic view of sunset. It is an ideal place for a family picnic, and it is also inspiring for a photo or video shoot. There are even many production companies Austin-based which use this place for shooting commercials and other videos.

Barton Springs Pool – this is a natural pool, supplied by natural spring water, so it keeps cool temperature all over the year. It is a popular destination for running away from summer heat, and the atmosphere by this pool is friendly, relaxed and pleasant.

Barton Creek Greenbelt – it is located very near the downtown, yet it represents an ideal getaway from the crowd. It is perfect for the adventurous types, with numerous myriad trails, natural swimming holes, limestone cliffs for suitable for climbers and natural waterfalls.

Lady Bird Lake – this is a popular summer destination of many locals living in Austin, and it is the home of different water and beach sports. The recent hit is paddleboarding, and if you want to get active and try something new, there are paddleboarding lessons for beginners organized by several rowing centers from Austin.

Red Bud isle – those who enjoy kayaking, canoeing or swimming will find an ideal place for themselves at Red Bud isle, situated in the waters of Lady Bird Lake. There are kayaks and boats for rent, and the isle is also popular with local and visiting fishermen, but also with dog owners, since the isle has the most popular off-leash dog park in Austin.

Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail – even though Texas has been proclaimed as one of the US states with the highest obesity rank, Austin is, surprisingly, among the top ten fittest cities. Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail is called simply “The Trail” by the locals, and it is the most popular recreational trail in Austin. It forms a circuit around the shores of lady Bird Lake, and it provides beautiful scenery and serenity to all those who decide to jog or cycle along this trail.

Biking – Austin is a very bike-friendly city, and Social Cycling Austin organizes social rides for all sorts of riders. The most popular ride is Thursday Night Social Ride, which often ends up with swimming in natural swimming holes and visiting local bars. You do not have to be a professional cyclist to join, and you will certainly enjoy the experience.

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